Personal information

Born in Râmnicu Vâlcea, 1757; visual artist and has a passion for tapestry, painting, graphic arts and ceramics


1989 A graduate of the Academy of Art of Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design
2006 Master's Degree in Management,”Constantin Brâncoveanu” University


- Member of Fine Art Asociation of Romania
- International Association of Art AIAP-UNESCO
- Copyright VISARTA
- Maison Culturelle Belgo-Roumaine Brussels-Belgium, MCBR
- International Society for Education Through Art INSEA


1998 The First Prize, The Festival of Students' Art and Creation-Bucharest
2000, 2002 Excelence Prize, Cultural Foundation Vâlcea1
2000 Honorary Diploma, Anton Pann Cultural Society, Râmnicu Vâlcea
2002 "Man of the Year 2002", The American Biographical Institute Board of International Research
2004 National Order Cultural Merit, "Commandor of Arts", awarded by the President of Romania
2005 International Peace Prize, awarded by The United Cultural Convention of USA
2006 Prize for Haute-Lisse Tapestry of the Union of Plastic Artists of Romania at the Textile Art Triennal
5th edition Bucharest
2007 Cultural Foundation Vâlcea1- "Constantin Iliescu" Prize for Excelence


1979, 1982, 1996, 2001 “Artex” Gallery Râmnicu Vâlcea Romania
M.C.B. Gallery Arthis, Brussels Belgium
House of Arts Gallery, Bucharest
Art galleryes of localities Neupre and Namur Belgium
C.C René Magritte Gallery, Lessines Belgium
Cozia Gallery, Hamme Belgium - Art galleries in localities Halles and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Romania's Diplomatic Mission to the European Community Brussels Belgium
2005, 2008
Schaerbeek Cultural Centre Brussels Belgium
"Painting & Tapestry" Associations of Italians in Romania-Ro.As.It. Bucharest
Retrospective Exhibition, Drawing ∙ Painting ∙ Tapestry, Parliament Palace, International Conference Center Hall “Constantin Brâncuși”, Bucharest
Metropolitan Library Painting Exhibition Bucharest - Gallery of Art and Media


1989 Graduation Salon: Ceramics Museum Bucharest
County Salon, Artex Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea
Festival of Students' Art, Dalles Gallery, Buchares - Youth Biennal, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest - Decorative Arts Quadriennal, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest
Youth Salon, National Theatre, Bucharest
Salon of Decorative Arts, National Theatre, Bucharest
Youth Salon, National Theatre, Bucharest - National Salon of Decorative Arts,
National Museum of Cotroceni, Bucharest
Tapestry Triennal, Parliament Palace, “Constantin Brâncuşi” Room Bucharest
Tapestry Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art, Galati - Moldavia Salon, Art Museum, Bacău
South Salon, Art Museum, Râmnicu Vâlcea
Artists from Vâlcea, Parliament Palace „Constantin Brâncuşi Room, Bucharest
2002-2008, 2012
“Ion Andreescu” Arts Biennal, Buzău
National Salon of Decorative Arts, National Museum of Cotroceni, Bucharest
Artists from Valcea Museum of Art, Drobeta Turnu Severin - UAP Valcea Branch Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
Salon of National Art,Parliament Palace, Constantin Brâncuşi hall, Bucharest
Triennal of Itinerary Textile Art, Maria Fillotti Theatre Brăila - Museum of Contemporary Art, Galati - National Museum of Agriculture, Slobozia - Art Museum, Craiova - "Aurelian Sacerdoteanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - Art Museum, Cluj
Salon of Plastic and Decorative Arts, Palace Hall, “George Enescu” Festival, Bucharest - “Group 4” "Aurelian Sacerdoteanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - National Museum of Agriculture, Slobozia - House of Arts Gallery, Bucharest - Museum of Visual Arts, Galati - Museum of Art, Baia Mare - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
"TAPESTRY", Museum of Visual Art, Galati - CEC Bank Building, Sibiu - Museum of Art, Constanta - The Festival of European Drama, Maria Filotti Theatre, Brăila - Museum of Art, Cluj -  Museum of Art,, Baia Mare - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
Natural Sciences Museum Complex, Galati - Biennal of Visual Arts, “APALAV” Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - “Lascăr Viorel” Biennal of Plastic Arts, Museum of Art, Piatra Neamt
"Still Life" Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - "Medieval Scenes", Grand Hotel Sofianu, Rm. Vâlcea - Men In Romanian Textile Art, Museum of Art, Constanta - "Aurelian Sacerdoteanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - Orizont Gallery, Bucharest - "Iulian Antonescu" County Museum, Bacău - "Moldavia Salons" Museum of Contemporary Art, Bacău
“Group 4+2” National Museum of Modern Art, Galati - Museum of Art, Constanta - "Aurelian Sacerdoteanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - Forma Gallery Deva - "Iulian Antonescu" County Museum Bacău - "Men in Romanian Textile Art", National Museum Complex Iaşi
"APALAV" Biennal of Visual Arts, 2nd edition, UAP Gallery "Artex", Rm. Vâlcea - Textures "Aurelian Sacerdoțeanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - "Still Life" UAP "Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea -"Men in Romanian Textile Art", UAP "Ion Andreescu" Gallery, Buzău - Olt County Museum, "Ion Popescu Negreni" Gallery, Slatina - County Museum of Ethnography Caransebeş - "Group 4+4" UAP "Ion Andreescu" Gallery, Buzău - Olt County Museum, Artis Gallery Slatina - County Museum of Ethnography, Caransebeş - Biennal "Decorative Arts", Parliament Palace, "Constantin Brâncusi" Room Bucharest - "Artists from Vâlcea since Cecilia Cuțescu Storck", Art Museum Rm. Vâlcea.
Art Fair, Artex Gallery Rm. Vâlcea - "Still Life” Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - "Colour and Form for Eternity", first edition, ASTRA Museum, Sibiu - “Salon of Textile Arts”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest - Exhibition of Visual Arts “The Neighbours” Romanian Cultural Institute, UAP Branch Gorj, "Tudor Arghezi“ University Library, Târgu Jiu - Tthe Exhibition of Plastic Art “Trajan's Column in Contemporary Art", Romanian Academy House, Bucharest
Many-County Painting Salon "Spring Signs", UAP “Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Salon of Textile Arts “Orizont" Gallery Bucharest - "Apalav" Biennal of Visual Arts, 3rd edition, UAP "Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Exhibition "Men in Romanian Textile Art", Museum of Art, Cluj - Museum of Art, Baia Mare - Museum Cris Land, Oradea - “County Fair Art” UAP "Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Group 4+4 "Aurelian Sacerdoțeanu" County Museum, Rm. Vâlcea - Arts Biennial "Decorativ Art", Parliament Palace, "Constantin Brâncusi" Room Bucharest - "Salons Astra", Astra Museum, Exhibition Hall Sibiu - Art Fair, 12th edition Artex Gallery Rm. Vâlcea
Intercounty Painting Salon "Spring Signs", UAP “Artex" Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea
– "Vâlceni artists today and yesterday," Art Museum  Rm. Vâlcea - Small Plastic Salon , "Gheorghe Naum" Gallery Brăila Art Museum - Salon of Arts "Themes" ed. VII Palace of Parliament "Constantin Brâncuşi" Bucharest - Art Gallery Salon "Artex" Gallery Rm. Vâlcea - Contemporary Art “White-Black”, Museum of Art, Rm. Vâlcea - Visual Arts "Culture and Art" Proetnica Intercultural Festival Sighişoara - "Plastic Mosaic" Association of Italians in Romania Ro.As.It., Palace of Parliament "Constantin Brâncuşi" Hall, Bucharest -"Men in Romanian Textile Art" Museum of Art Braşov - Art Fair, Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea
Intercounty Painting Salon "Spring Signs", UAP “Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Art Gallery Salon"Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Interethnic Contemporary Art Camp, Inter-Art Aiud Gallery - Biennale of Decorative Arts"Connections"Parliament Palace "Constantin Brâncuşi" Hall Bucharest - Art Fair, Artex  Gallery, Rm.Vâlcea
Visual Art Exhibition "Images of Diversity" Cotroceni National Museum, Bucharest; Memorial of the Revolution, Timișoara - Intercounty Exhibition "Spring Signs", Art Gallery "Artex", Rm. Valcea -"Portrait in Contemporary Art" Gallery "Artex" Rm. Valcea - National Small Plastic Salon, UAP Braila - Gallery - Art Gallery Salon "Artex" Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Exhibition “Painting Sympozium, Brezoi”, Museum of Art, Rm. Vâlcea - Visual Art Exhibition „Artists Valceans” Art Gallery UAP, Alba Iulia - Decorative Art Exhibition "Metal Tapestry"Galeria“ Passage Cozia, Rm. Vâlcea
Art Fair Gallery UAP Artex Rm. Vâlcea - Inter-county Exhibition "Spring Signs, Gallery„Artex”, Rm. Vâlcea - Exhibition "Group 4+3" Gallery “Artis” Slatina - County Art Gallery,  "Artex", Rm. Vâlcea - The Contemporary Art Exhibition, Interethnic Camp ed. aII-a Aiud Gallery “Inter-Art” Aiud, Tulcea Art Museum -  The Symposium of Creation Brezoi, Passage Galleries Cozia 1&2 Rm. Vâlcea -  Exhibition "Group 4+3” History Museum, Rm. Vâlcea- Centenary "Identity Signs", Gallery UAP Artex Rm. Vâlcea - Exhibition "Beyond Form", Art Gallery Reperaj, Oradea Fortress - Exhibition “Multicultural Identities” National Museum of the Alba Iulia Union - Exhibition “Images of Diversity” Cotroceni National Museum Bucharest
2019 Plastic and Decorative Art Exhibition "Group 4 + 3", Museum of Christian History, Culture and Spirituality from the Danube de Jos, Galați - County Art Exhibition "Artex" UAP Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Plastic and Decorative Art Exhibition "Group 4 + 3", Constanța Art Museum - “Beyond Form” Exhibition Art Gallery Landmark, Oradea Fortress - Exhibition “Identity Signs” Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Biennial of Decorative Arts “Pigmento” 4th edition, Brâncovenești Palaces Cultural Center, Bucharest
2020 Exhibition Shape, Color Meaning ”Artex Gallery, Rm. Vâlcea - Exhibition “Dialogue” Exhibition of Visual Arts Online Facebook, UAP Valcea UAP Vâlcea - Contemporary art exhibition, "Solidarity for the community", Inter-Art Aiud, Online album, web Issuu - "Dialogue" fine art exhibition, Rm Vâlcea Art Museum - "County Art Salon", "Artex" Gallery UAP Vâlcea Branch - "Textures" fine art exhibition, Cozia Pasaj 1 Gallery, UAP Vâlcea Branch - CNAC National Salon of Contemporary Art, Bucharest Plastic Fund Factory Galleries - “FormAt” exhibition “Reperaj” Gallery, Oradea Fortress


Mail Art Exhibition, Monferrato Italy
1989-1998 Miniature Exhibitions, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto Canada
1994 Arcades Gallery Antibes France
1994-1996 L'Europe des Beaux Arts Gallery Antibes France
1995-1997 Du Port Gallery, Marseille France
1996 Moldova Salon, Art Museum, Chişinău Moldova
1996 2-eme Salon des Rubans Blues, National Order of Merit, Section Hauts-de-Seine Meudon, Paris
1996-1997 Salon of Spatial Art "Espace Vision", Sofitel, Art Colections Museum, Bucharest Romania
1997, 2000, 2003, 2006 International Triennal of Textile Art, National Theatre, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2000 Exhibition Centre, Shanghai China
2001 De Zeyp Gallery Brussels Belgia
2001 Internet Gallery,
2004 Exhibition: “Romanian Artists” at the European Parliament Brussels Belgium
2005 “Artists from Vâlcea”, Museum of Art, Kromeriz Czech Republic
2005 MINI-ART, IAA/AIAP to UNESCO, Berlin Germany
2006-2007 Romanian Cultural Institute, Madrid Spain - Municipal Gallery,Ciudad Real, La Mancha Spain
2010 "Moldova Salons", "Constantin Brâncuşi" Exhibition Centre, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova
2012 "West Meets East", the interNational project "A Cultural Book Exchange", 7th edition, Art Museum Constanta
2012 InterNational Painting Biennal, Graphic Arts, Sculpture "Meeting Point" 3rd edition, Art Museum, Arad
2013 National Salon of Decorative Arts, 13th edition, National Museum of Art of Moldova, Chişinău, Republic
of Moldova - Archaeological Museum Sozopol, Republic of Bulgaria
2013 UAP Vâlcea Branch Decorative Art Exhibition, Belgian-Romanian Culture House, "Arthis" Gallery Brussels
2014 International Biennial "Ion Andreescu", ed. IX, Art Gallery "Ion Andreescu" Buzau
2014 International Art Exhibition “Underground Zero” Ocnele Salina, Vâlcea
2015 International Decorative Art Salon ", ed. XIV National Art Museum of Moldova Chisinau
2016 International Biennial "Ion Andreescu", ed. IX, Art Gallery "Ion Andreescu" Buzau
2017 Itinerant exhibition Interethnic Contemporary Art Camp, "Colours of Diversity" Art Gallery, The Palace of Nations, Geneva Elveția
2018 Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Interethnic Camp “Images of Diversity”Parliament of the European Community, Bruxelles
2018 "West Meets East", the interNational project "A Cultural Book Exchange", 9th edition, Spain Gallery, Bucharest.
2018 International Biennial "Ion Andreescu", ed. XI, Art Gallery "Ion Andreescu" Buzău
2019 Art exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters - ONU in New York
2020 CATALOG Online = Intercontinental Online Art Exhibition ONU "UNITED NATIONS-Symbol of life, freedom & happiness" Event  dedicated of the 75 Anniversary of the United Nations
2020 “Ion Andreescu” International Biennial, ed. XII, „Ion Andreescu” Art Gallery Buzău, Romania


991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018: N.Bălcescu, Vâlcea; Brădișor, Vâlcea; Cozia, Vâlcea;
Colibița, Bistrița-Năsăud; Brădișor, Vâlcea; Voina, Câmpulung Muscel;  Symposium “Vasile Militaru” Ocnele Mari, Vâlcea;
Interethnic Contemporary Art Symposium, Aiud; The Painting Symposium, Brezoi, Vâlcea; Interethnic Contemporary Art Symposium, Aiud


Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland


Tapestry: Festivity Room Împăratul Romanilor Hotel, Sibiu ; Tapestry: Danube Bridges, Slobozia Museum,
Mosaic: Rhytms, Râmnicu Vâlcea Art High School ; Tapestry: Interferences, Marguerite Marie High School,
Verosvres France


Romania, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerlad, France, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Spain, U.S.A.


County Museums: Râmnicu Vâlcea and Slobozia, The National Museum of Cotroceni, The Art Collection of the
Chamber of Deputies, Bucharest


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